Skyrocket the Law Of Attraction with Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations And Law Of Attraction

Positive Affirmations Is A Key Factor When Mastering The Law Of Attraction

Most people wonder whether practicing the law of attraction and chanting positive affirmations are exclusive. While the law of attraction is much more expansive and caters to every thought or belief we have whether positive or negative, chanting daily affirmations is a way to condition your mind into believing AND attracting whatever it is that you are wishing for.

In laymen’s term, you can increase the effectiveness of the law of attraction by practising it together with positive affirmations. The dual impact created by attracting and affirming accelerates the power of converting your thoughts into things.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Between someone who only chants ‘I am going to be financially free in 6 months’ and another person who not only chants the same affirmation but visualizes himself as financially free, and attracts the same, the chances of the second person becoming financially free is much more powerful.

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 Law Of Attraction And Positive Affirmations Need Goal Setting And Project Plans For Best Results

Another crucial factor that most life coaches and spiritual gurus advocate is to categorize whatever you are attracting into two sections- Goals and Projects. Your goals are obviously what you eventually want to achieve and your projects are the means to reach the goal. If your goal is to ultimately be financially free, you should choose an affirmation that specifies the project part; in this case ‘I will make more money henceforth’ or ‘I will find a job that I will enjoy doing and excel at it’. This way you are able to work your way up through attracting and believing in one step at a time. On a practical level, this makes it easier for you as well since your focus is narrowed down to the current task in hand. This will completely take care of all the success factors needed for your ultimate goal.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Is The Secret.

The Power Of Positive Thinking Is The Secret.


Positive Affirmations Conditions The Mind So That Law Of Attraction Will Skyrocket

The question however is that can you achieve your goals concentrating solely on either the law of attraction or chanting of positive affirmations? In a black and white context, yes you can, but in this fast-paced world wouldn’t you want to achieve your goals as rapidly as possibly? Positive affirmations gradually condition your mind to believe that you can be financially free, while most beginners who have resorted to practicing the law of attraction have been plagued by negative thoughts and doubts.

Put these two together and you eliminate the shortcoming of one with the benefit of the other. Visualizing the goal will give the affirmation an image to connect to, and repeating the affirmation will help eradicate any anxiety or stress that you are bound to experience along the way.

Children have a very imaginative and receptive mind. They intuitively understand the universal laws. Unfortunately as they grow up, society dictates, and the need to be ‘practical’ replaces a firm, believing mind with a realistic (read pessimistic) one that questions the need to reason out every belief and idea and look for reasons as to why it would never work out. Indirectly, the belief falters because they were concentrating on, and attracting failure all this while. As a result of this we often develop low self esteem. Ironically, this further strengthens society’s conviction for the need of a ‘realistic’ rather than a positive mind.

History testifies that every successful person has never thought that whatever they had set out to achieve, was not possible. That does not mean that they didn’t go through phases of negative thoughts or reasoning. It just means that they kept their eye on the prize and with continous motivation worked towards it, attracting the prize through the power of positive thinking and the law of attraction.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

A combination of the law of attraction and positive affirmations are one of the best success factors that lead to self empowerment and an unwavering confidence to achieve anything that you set your heart on. Whether it is wealth, health, knowledge, or spiritual abundance, what you choose to think is what will eventually happen to you.

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