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Email Swipes

Email Swipe #1

SUBJECT: (name) Don’t Miss This Unlimited Power

ALT. SUBJECT: IMPORTANT (please read…)

Have you been subconsciously programmed that you
can’t  get what you want in life?

If so it doesn’t have to be this way.

Oftentimes we let these negative thought
patterns  control our minds and lives, and what
we don't realize is:

This rooted human behaviour of deeply embedding
negative thoughts  that cause us to
unconsciously repel the things we  truly deserve
and desire, becomes a hidden barrier between us
and a truly fulfilling life of health, wealth,
abundance, happiness, love and freedom.

My friend Thomas Di Leva, a personal development
coach and meditation expert with more than 25
years of experience in the fields of
spirituality and personal growth, wants you to
really start attracting the love, wealth and
abundance you deserve.

Click to find out more:

He has created a unique holistic system called
Zenmind Affirmations, which can switch your
focus from negative to positive in minutes.

Imagine just pushing a button and instantly
meditating deep like a Buddha, while listening
to positive affirmations embedded in beautiful
serene nature and cosmic sounds.  And all this
mixed with a groundbreaking brainwave
entrainment system,  specifically engineered by
Thomas to perfectly match the meaning of each
So just put on your headphones… Relax - Rest and

What better way to start each day than with an
easy to use personal growth tool, to radically
transform your life in amazing ways.

You can get started with Zenmind Affirmations
for free today!

Thomas Di Leva is giving you one hypnotic and
one subliminal session for you to start using
right away.  Don’t miss this great opportunity
to take your life to the next level of health,
wealth and happiness!

Click The Link Below To Get Started for free Now


To Your Success, Happiness and Abundance!

(Your Name)


Email Swipe #2

SUBJECT: Is this The Secret 2.0?

The missing link to success...

When we were kids, all of us imagined our lives
looking lika a big positive opportunity.  You
might have visualized a specific degree of
success, a specific dream home,  a specific gift
that only you could give the world, a life
companion who saw you for who you were.

And whatever you wanted to grow up to become,
you just knew that the universe would take you
there  as sure as your heart was joyfully

But, when you look yourself in the mirror
today...  Has all those childhood dreams
manifested for you in your life... right now?.

If that is not the case, stop whatever you’re
doing and and enjoy this crucial video now.

I know it seems a little bit blunt but the
reason for me being completely honest is that  I
believe your life is truly a miracle that
deserves only the best.

In my life I've learned that so many of us truly
aren't where we want to be.  And it's not that
we do not try, that we are not dedicated enough.
Or even that we do exactly what is needed for a
life of joy and success.  Just like the ones
that reap all the good things in life.

But there is such a BIG difference between the
ones who are enjoying a satisfying and
successful life,  and those that just keep on
struggling but never get there.  What astounds
me is that it's not INTELLIGENCE, good fortune,
effort or commitment.

It's in fact a much simpler underlaying X-factor
called the programmed subconscious mind.

This is why I'm writing to you today.

Meditation Expert and Personal Development Guru
Thomas Di Leva has cracked the code  to a stress
free life of success and abundance, and now he
wants to share it with you.

Allow Thomas to provide you the answer in his
special Video clip!

(Off the record) I was shocked at the simplicity
of his amazing solution, I wish I had known
about this years ago. What a difference it would
have made for me.

Because it's so unbelievably easy to achieve
everything you can imagine and desire when you
implement  this magic system, it will seriously
transform your life!

This incredible personal growth system
transformed my entire awareness and perception
and I believe it will certainly do the very same
for you also, so kindly make sure you  check it
out now as I don't how long it will be

Speak soon, (Your name)

P.S. If you're absolutely prepared to manifest
all of your dreams, don’t miss this great
chance,  click the link below now…


Email Swipe #3

SUBJECT: Do You Struggle With Attracting

Finally a personal growth system that reveals
the missing piece to the manifesting puzzle…

We all know how frustrating it can be to keep
thinking positive thoughts, saying affirmations
out loud in front of the mirror, looking at
dream boards to keep hope alive.

But the truth is it’s so hard and takes so much
focus and effort to make our dreams come true.
Sometimes it feel like the law of attraction is
just an illusion, that something crucial is
missing in it.

But what if I told you that you could turn your
power of manifesting on, on demand with some
simple  law of attraction tool... which work
every time?

You still don’t believe me do you?

Well I didn’t believe it either until my friend
Thomas Di Leva showed me his powerful law of
attraction system Zenmind Affirmations

>>> You can find out more here:

You see, it takes more than willpower to attract
what you want in life. You need your desires and
dreams to root themselves deeply into your
conscious mind to be able to manifest and become
true and physical.

If you've always struggled with manifesting the
happiness and abundance you want, and you
finally want to turn the tables and live the
life of your dreams - then  you can't afford to
not try Zenmind Affirmations.

>>> Click here to get started for free:

It's making BIG Success in the personal growth

Thomas Di Leva has created an MP3 program that
promises miracles. Just slip on  your
headphones, listen to a beautiful brainwave
meditation soundtrack with positive affirmations
embedded for 25 minutes, and it actually
*changes* how you feel, think, act and react.

Zenmind Affirmations works by using specially
embedded scientifically proven sounds called
binaural beats and isochronic tones, to
positively influence your brainwave patterns.
This gently changes how you feel, helping induce
specific states of mind - such as increased
focus, clarity, relaxation and deep meditation.

So when listening to this the embedded hypnotic
affirmations reach deep into your subconscious
mind.  automatically your whole world starts to
change from the inside and out. There is no
limit to the wonderful possibilities with this
easy to use system…

Check it out NOW while it’s still available,
because it’s almost too good to be true.

To Your Succes!

(Your Name)


Email Swipe #4

SUBJECT: Can you achieve success on auto-pilot?

As a personal development enthusiast I know how
important your life goals are to you.

So what if I told you that you could put your
success on auto-pilot?

My friend Thomas Di Leva a Personal Development
Coach and Meditation Expert since more than 25
years Has an amazing discovery to share with
you, it is something I'd never even heard of

So if you have big dreams, and only want to do
the things you really love in life, being  able
to live in total abundance from the true calling
of your heart’s desire.  If you’re tired of
pursuing your goals, with little or no success.
Or if you’re over relationship drama looking for
inner-peace and everyday happiness… Then you
should stop reading this now and click the link

In brief, just visit Thomas Di Leva’s website
and download the free MP3 files to your computer
or MP3 player, get yourself comfortable, slip on
your stereo headphones, listen and relax.
That's all it takes for the amazing soundscapes
of Zenmind Affirmations to begin its magic!

In 15 minutes time, you'll be laser-focused and
happily at ease. I guarantee it.

The Zenmind Affirmations System reveals the
Secret Of Successful Visualizations...

In case you haven't heard a Zenmind Affirmations
Session is a short  MP3 Session which is a
combination of present tense, positive
affirmations,  reinforced with powerful
brainwave entrainment meditation and hypnotic
and emotionally inspiring soundscapes and nature

By listening to Zenmind Affirmations once a day
you stay focused on your dreams and desires. So
that when you take action in the direction of
your life goals not only will you be taking
inspired action, but you will also have
triggered and synchronised the subconscious mind
and the universe to provide all the people,
places and events you need  to make your action
a success.

So get started for Free now:

When using Zenmind Affirmations daily you will
not only meditate deep like a monk with the push
of a button…

You will also release your stress and worries
and make that blissful inner sun shine  like
ever before from your inner self. Your
happiness, motivation and relationships will
start to  blossom, and whatever you set your
mind to will magically start to manifest in your

So click the link below NOW and get started for
Free to achieve your well deserved success on



(Your Name)


Email Swipe #5

SUBJECT: The Hidden Reason Your Dreams are

I know how tough it can be to constantly chase
all those dreams around.

Sometimes we’re so close to manifest that long
desired lifestyle but all of a sudden success
seem to slip right out of our hands again.

So how can you remove the blocks that you didn't
know were holding you back?

Click here to find out:

It’s the brain and the subconscious mind that
stops your success dead in the tracks. And no
matter how much you try to do ”the right thing”,
work hard and focus, those old patterns of
failure keep moving on… You’re trapped.

To break free you need to get into ”the right
flow” which is immensely powerful!

But how do you do that?..

Luckily my brilliant friend and personal
development coach, Thomas Di Leva  has the
solution in his new groundbreaking personal
growth system Zenmind Affirmations.

Download your free MP3 sessions here:

Zenmind Affirmations is an easy to use
”brainwave meditation tool” containing
scientifically proven sounds that produce a
state of relaxation and immense bliss…  And on
top of that Thomas Di Leva has recorded hypnotic
positive affirmations which  automatically
reaches deep into your subconscious mind
awakening your Super Human within.

Just put on your headphones, relax and Crack the
code to your Ultimate Life Experience.

Wealth and Abundance Health and Happiness Closer
Family relations Spiritual Fulfillment and
gratitude Attracting the ideal man Attracting
the ideal woman

You can start manifesting all of this and more
right NOW.

Click the link to get started for free today,
you won’t regret it!

To your Happiness and Abundance!

(Your Name)


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Blog Post/Review Section

Remember to spin and/or rewrite these articles so they become at least 70% unique.  A recommended spinner software  is: SPIN REWRITER


SUBJECT:  Zenmind Affirmations - Is this The Secret 2.0?

Hi Everyone, I am (Your Name)!
Thanks for checking out my blog, this is the right place if you are looking for a in depth  Zenmind Affirmations Review, The white hot new Law Of Attraction/Success program, which is created by Thomas Di Leva ( Swedish Personal Development Coach and Meditation Expert with more than 25 years of experience ). What you are about to discover are THE MOST VITAL DETAILS you need to know before getting a copy of this powerful system yourself.
This is a review site: Click here to visit Zenmind Affirmations Official Site and Download a Free Demo.
So what exactly is Zenmind Affirmations, or as some call it, “The Secret 2.0? ?
2 years ago Thomas Di Leva suddenly announced on swedish television that there was something missing with the explosive teachings of The Secret. So he decided to put this right, and created a program with automatic deep meditation via brainwave entrainment and hypnotic positive affirmations... A simple but genius move. He had discovered the missing pieces of The Secret, in Bill Harris mindblowing Brainwave Meditation Program "Holosync" which was released in the 90's.
So what exactly is this program containing that will remove our success blocks and work through us in our lives…?
It Contains 8 Modules:
This module focus on the power of our self healing. Our health start as a thought in the mind.
 2. Self Esteem...  The secret of self confidence is to believe in yourself. When you truly believe in yourself with all your heart you are ready to receive.
There is unlimited supply for you in the universe. This is the essence of abundance, which in turn creates your success.
3. Wealth & Abundance
Bob Proctor says, ”The more you have, the more you get. The more you attract, the greater the number of things you can attract yourself”…That my friends is wealth attraction and abundance as we know it.
4. Success
When you always give a feeling of  increase to others, you will grow your success in every aspect of yourself. This is one of the most important Universal Laws.
5. Relationships
Thomas Di Leva says: ” Don't expect to succeed in your relationships if you dont put any effort in”.
6. Life Purpose
One of the most forgotten universal laws, but one of the greatest and most powerful. If you hate something. There will simply become more and more hate in your life. The wind does not break a bendy tree.
7. Spiritual Growth
Even if you are an expert on meditation. You must forgive to be able to release the pain from your past experiences and thereby be free. The affirmations in this module are spot on, simple and fileed with total clarity. Give freely from your heart in order to to supercharge your life with success.
 8. Delta Super Booster
This binaural and isochronic deep delta clearing session shines like a diamond. We all know what success is, it is the goal of all our desires. The Universe is in complete harmony. So we must always strive to be in harmony with the Universe. With this module you easily slip into your deep subconsious mind gaining lasr targeted focus and immense life energy.

So What Exactly Will You Get?
When you purchase Zenmind Affirmations, you get Exclusive Access to the members area. You get 16 online digital MP3’s that you can download  whenever you want. You just put on your headphones, relax, rest and listen to the beautiful scientifically proven tracks.
The MP3's include deep and pleasent brainwave entrainment tracks mixed with specific positive affirmations (both hypnotic and subliminal versions). You also get the must-read book with a complete systemized way of getting the most out of this program.
You also become a member of the inner circle community at Facebook with direct cintact with Thomas Di Leva, networking and support!
The Program also contains Amazing Bonuses! Click here to Find Out More...

Here is Exactly how Zenmind Affirmations Works
This system will bring out your hidden potential and skyrocket  The Law Of Attraction in your life. And it does so in a very magic, automatic and helpful way, step by step you get the inner answers and motivation you need to get the abundance flowing for you.
* It cracks the code on how to unleash your unlimited power within.
* It will increase your abillity to atttract greater and greater things in your life.
And so much more…
The BIG difference between this Law Of Attraction/Personal Growth system and all the others on the market right now is that: This is by far the most direct response and dynamic LOA system around. This is law of attraction the secret in a fresh and completely new way.

                So.. Here is my conclusion
The Zenmind Affirmations is really a supreme way of attracting abundance, better relationships, healing and spiritual growth. The program WILL change your way of thinking and acting, and with its automatically built in personal growth secrets, I believe good things are bound to happen to anyone who follows the course! It completely “triggers” the secret of manifestation. Zenmind Affirmations really is The Secret 2.0
I hope my review has helped,
(Your Name)

P.S. Visit Zenmind Affirmations Official Website By Clicking This Link: YOUR AFFILIATE LINK





SUBJECT: Affirmations With Brainwave Entrainment - Law Of Attraction Supercharged

At one point or another in your life, you have probably experienced frustration and anxiety, unfulfilled dreams, stress, lack of focus and energy, and a low sense of well-being. You may have struggled with procrastination, dissatisfaction with where you are in life and a variety of other emotions. But you need to get to a place where you understand that your life is a miracle and that you deserve nothing but the best. You would all definitely want to have your life move on to the next level of wealth, health and happiness. And that is where the Zenmind Affirmations amazing program comes in to help you. It’s created by the swedish well renowned personal development coach and meditation expert Thomas Di Leva, who has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of personal growth and spirituality.

The easy to use system to life success and inner peace has been specially created as the unique positive affirmations method which will help maximize and change your whole life for the better in less than 30 days. Each of the modules takes about 25 minutes to complete. The softly spoken positive affirmations are done in a relaxing hypnotic way inside a meditative beautiful soundscape that has universal atmospheres, nature sounds and Tibetan meditation bowls. The affirmations will be chanted deeper in your consciousness through the use of Zenmind Affirmation’s groundbreaking brainwave technology.

This amazing brainwave technology uses isochronic beats and binaural beats, which are also known as brainwave entrainment. These are scientifically proven to be able to create deep states of meditation. Their health benefits include being able to help fight anxiety, stress and depression. When used frequently, binaural beats can build new neural pathways within the brain which help you to have focus and clarity, and can enhance your brain power. It has been called ‘whole brain functioning’ by scientists. The Zenmind Affirmation Recordings are more powerful and effective because the Isochronic Tones are mixed in a unique way and used together with Binaural Beats. In addition, each frequency has been carefully designed to suit each core message in each specific affirmation perfectly. In other words, wherever the desire for the affirmations has been focused, then that particular brain frequency will be simultaneously stimulated in the Affirmations of Zenmind’s brainwave technology system.

Thomas Di Leva’s Zenmind Affirmations come in seven modules as follows;

Module 1 – Healing
Module 2 – Self-Esteem
Module 3 – Success
Module 4 – Abundance and Wealth
Module 5 – Relationships
Module 6 – Life Purpose
Module 7 – Spiritual Growth

In addition, Thomas Di Leva gives you another Module, Module 8 - Delta Super Booster, which has all the subliminally affirmations from all other modules, thus it is advisable to use it with all the modules to boost intuition, clarity and laser-target focus. You are guaranteed to experience a new dawn in your life once you have completed the seven modules and have implemented the powerful affirmation system. The law of attraction will automatically begin to operate in your life. You can only imagine what it will be like; a life that is full of tremendous harmony and healing, self-belief and unwavering self-confidence. You will radiate an abundance of happiness around you and your relationships will become more and more fulfilling. Your life will begin to manifest wealth, harmony and success. You will be looking forward to waking up every morning, and the best thing is that you will have the feeling that you know where exactly you are going and the reason why. Your universal connection and your spiritual power will keep increasing daily and they will guide you such that each moment you are alive will truly become a little heaven on earth.

P.S. Click here to visit Zenmind Affirmations Official Website: YOUR AFFILIATE LINK

Twitter Tweets

Hey! Check out this new and FRESH meditation system with positive affirmations.

I just tried something that completely supercharged my self belief, focus and motivation.
It's called Zenmind Affirmations. Check it out here.

I just tried something that completely supercharged me totally. It's called Zenmind Affirmations. Check it out here.

An amazing system about how to change your ways and become happy and successful. Download it for free 🙂 #success

Want to erase what’s been holding you back? The solution is surprisingly simple This free mp3 can help #The Secret

It's not just changing your thoughts, it's changing your life!.. Download your free MP3 🙂 #motivation

What's the biggest challenge you have in your personal growth?.. Download this affirmations MP3 for free. #success


Are you ready to manifest the life of your dreams?

Are you ready to master the law of attraction?

Meditate deep like a Buddha with the push of a button.


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Make a strong call to action at the end of the video.

All The Best!
Thomas Di Leva