Thomas Di LevaThomas Di Leva is the founder and creator of Zenmind Affirmations. He is a personal development coach and meditation expert with more than 25 years of experience in the field of personal development and spirituality. He has been coaching thousands of people in his home country Sweden both in live events as well as on tv and radio for over two decades.

His global vision “personal development to unleash your highest power”, highlights the global importance of building bridges and reaching oneness within and between all the spiritual and personal development communities and organizations that exist in the world and on the internet, as well as integrating your inner self with your worldly character.

The self help topics Thomas writes about and shares his knowledge in includes: meditation, goal setting, law of attraction, mindfulness, life coaching, affirmations, healing, tantra, mantra, chakra, motivational speaking, personal growth, awareness and so much more…

Thomas Di Leva is also a highly acclaimed swedish singer/songwriter since almost 30 years. he has had numerous hitsongs on swedish radio since the 1980:s and up until now. He has also made a huge number of tv-shows, concert tours and theatre plays including Hamlet.

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